Urban Pantry Chiswick Menu

15 Devonshire Road


W4 2EU


This is a sample menu. Our menu changes every 1-2 weeks due to seasonality of ingredients, so please be aware that some of these items might have changed


Toasted banana bread with espresso butter                         £5.10 (V)

Homemade Urby P granola nuts, coconut and raisins with bananas                          £6.10 (V)(GF)         

Porridge with            -       spiced pear compote                          £6.85 (V)(GF)

              -      Yorkshire rhubarb compote

(with dairy alternatives+£1.00) (DF) (Vg*)

American style pancakes with maple syrup butter and blueberries or banana £8.90 (V) (add streaky bacon £2.90)

Baby pancakes with maple syrup butter and blueberries or banana    £6.10 (V)

Posh peanut butter on toast with banana, chia and flax seeds and berries £6.90 (V)(Vg)(GF*)



Poached, scrambled or fried eggs on sourdough toast £6.90 (V)

Avocado smash(contains feta), poached eggs, dukkah (contains nuts), halloumi, little leaves, sourdough toast £11.95 (V)

Vegan avocado toast with dukkah (nuts), spinach, asparagus and roast tomatoes (Ve)(GF*)(DF) £11.95

Corn Fritters, avocado, heritage cherry tomatoes, chilli jam, little leaves (V) (add avocado/bacon +£2.80) £12.90

Tomato baked eggs with spinach, cherry tomatoes, salsa verde and sourdough (V) (GF*) £12.50

Vegan Brekkie- Avocado, spinach, field mushroom, butternut squash, roast tomato, sourdough £12.50 (Ve)

Veggie Brekkie- Eggs, field mushroom, spinach, butternut squash , halloumi, sourdough £12.70 (V)

Big Brekkie- Eggs, bacon, sausage, BBQ beans, field mushroom, roast tomato, sourdough £13.90

Urby P Brekkie- Eggs, bacon, sausage, roast tomato, avocado smash, halloumi, sourdough £14.95



Brioche French toast with candied squash and honey crème fraiche (V) (add streaky bacon £2.90) £9.10

Poached eggs on sourdough with zhoug, roast vine cherry tomatoes and avocado (V)(GF*)(DF) (add chorizo/sausage £2.90) £11.70

Courgette, dill and feta fritters with roasted sumac peppers and a spinach, kale and parsley dressing (V)(add chorizo £2.90, add avocado £3.40) £ 11.90


Sandwiches – served on own or with homemade thick cut chips/daily salad

Bacon roll/sausage bap with homemade tomato beetroot chutney and aioli £5.60/£10.30              

Mushroom and halloumi bap with homemade chilli jam £6.20/£10.95 (V)

Avocado smash and halloumi bap with homemade chilli jam £6.40/£11.20 (V)

Paprika chicken wrap with red pepper, aioli, chilli jam £6.00/£10.50

Ham and cheese sourdough toastie £5.50/£10.30

Spiced sweet potato wrap with houmous and feta £5.90/£10.40 (V)

Smoked salmon open sandwich with avocado smash and capers £7.75/£10.80

Paprika chicken open sandwich with avocado smash £7.75/£10.80


Selection of daily salads available at the counter £6.00/£8.50 (V)




Food served between

8am-3.30pm Monday-Friday

9am-3.30pm Saturday

9am-3.00pm Sunday

Urban Pantry Richmond Bridge Menu

394 Richmond Road


Manilife peanut butter on Darby’s sourdough with banana, chia and flax seeds and berries £6.10

Avocado smash with feta, coriander and extra virgin olive oil on toasted sourdough with dukkah (contains nuts) and little leaves(add salmon/add honey roast ham +£2.30)£7.80

Beetroot hummus on toasted sourdough with seasonal veggies and a balsamic thyme reduction £7.80

Smoked salmon open sandwich on toasted sourdough with avocado smash and capers (contains feta)£7.90

Paprika marinated chicken open sandwich on toasted sourdough with avocado smash (contains feta)£7.90


Veggie wrap: roast courgette, red onion, kupros dairy feta and hummus £5.00

Paprika chicken wrap: Paprika marinated chicken with roast red peppers, homemade chilli jam and aioli £5.50

Honey roast ham and mature cheddar sourdough toastie £5.50

Paprika marinated chicken salad with cous cous, roasted veg, roast red peppers, rocket and a salsa verde dresing £6.70

Smoked salmon salad with rocket, slow roast cherry tomatoes, beetroot and avocado smash £6.70

Our produce is all sourced from the finest artisanal and local producers, feel free to ask our lovely staff for more info about where your food comes from.

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